“I have been listening over and over to this beautiful work of art—Singer’s Request. Celia Ramsay and Shay Black’s voices are lovely together (Ramsay’s voice is GORGEOUS), and the production, variety and song order are simply fabulous. It is wonderful and I am happy there is such awesome work out in the world. What a fun and beautiful CD to listen to. Congratulations on a beauty!”     –Libby McLaren

"Not all of the songs are slow torch songs. There is a good mix of slow and swing music like Bad Girl Song with her voice and a clarinet woven around each other in a good swing style. The album is very well produced and put together and displays a great singer with a nice old dreamy style and some great arrangements with some very talented musicians. She is a seasoned singer and this album is well worth listening to."--Greg Bennett, Victory Music on I'll Just Lie About It

"While Ramsay's first album featured Scottish balladry, her second warms to a vintage jazz sound. Her voice is captivating and convincing. The material ranges from bluesy to bawdy. Highlights include the luscious standard "You Don't Know What Love Is" and her own, witty, libido-themed "Lament." --Paul Freeman

"I so very much enjoyed this album. Celia's voice reminds me of Keely Smith. It's clear and clean without a lot of pyrotechnics that can muddy up the music. The original songs are fresh and funny in a 1940s-1950s kind of silliness and shrewdness that I very much appreciated (my favorite of her original tunes is "Lament"). There are a million standards that I'd love to hear Celia sing and can't wait to hear what her imagination comes up with next songwise. BRAVA!" --Claire, CD Baby Reviewer about I'll Just Lie About It

“Lord, lord, lord.  Celia, what an incredible voice you have! The music on this (CD) is just lovely.  I highly recommend this; the tunes and songs are well selected; obviously each song means a great deal to you.” --Ray Edlund, KPFA, about Songs of My Father's People.


Order your copy of this 3-CD set of lessons that teach you harmony singing for $45, plus $3 for shipping. Level One features simple rounds and songs, separating the voices so you can learn both parts. Level Two builds on this with more complicated songs. Level Three gives you the guidance you need to create your own harmonies and includes some very simple aspects of theory. (This album is not available on CD Baby.)

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Released in late 2014, Singer's Request - a duo album with Celia and famed Irish songcatcher, Shay Black, captures beautiful, reflective and joyful songs from Ireland and Scotland and includes a wonderful cast of supporting instrumentalists, including John Doyle and Liz Carroll. A great variety of arrangements and song choices make this album one you'll want to own!


I'll Just Lie About It casts Celia in the role of jazz chanteuse. The original songs are sad, funny, bawdy, and uniquely from the point of view of a woman of a certain age! Love songs are not only the purview of the young, because we all know that little in our sense of optimism--or our ability to be hurt--changes as life carries you along. These new songs acknowlege this. In addition to Celia's new songs, the CD also includes some wonderful jazz standards from the 1940s, and all the songs are supported by a fine group of musicians.


Celia's very fine first CD accomplishment is called Songs of My Father's People, and it features traditional Scottish songs, many of them in the traditional, unaccompanied style. These songs are timeless in their pain, joy, dismay, or humor. They are not merely songs of Celia's Scottish ancestors; they are the voices of the universal human condition.


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