April 20, Sunday: Laptop Concert on Concert Window at 7:00pm; pay-as-you-want, this live broadcast concert is not recorded.

April 27, Sunday: Glamourie House Concert at my North Berkeley House at 7:30pm; directions provided when you reserve your seat by emailing or calling 707-337-0498. Reservation required for limited seating.

May 24, Saturday: Luxury Edition (the I'll Just Lie About It band!) 5:00pm outdoor concert at The White Barn; tickets $30 and all White Barn concerts benefit local charities. Reservations by calling 707-251-8715.



June 7, Saturday in San Francisco; for information

June 21, Saturday private dance in Hopland, CA




Celia Ramsay is a performing and recording vocal artist, songwriter, studio vocalist and Contra dance caller.


Luxury Edition is the group of musicians who helped Celia record her CD, I'll Just Lie About It, including Tony Marcus on guitar, Jeff Sanford on reeds, Patrice Haan on vocals, and John Wiitala on bass. When playing for a smaller venue, Celia performs with Tony Marcus. Luxury Edition's flavor is 1940s style popular jazz, both well-known standards and original songs written by Celia.  performed at the Freight and Salvage in January 2013.

Glamourie is an old Scottish word for enchantment or spell. Celia and friends, Patrice Haan and Shira Kammen will enchant you with rich vocal harmonies supported by haunting Celtic harp and fiddle. They perform either an all-Celtic music program, or a mixture of Celtic, original and eclectic songs "that we find irrestible". You can expect Glamourie's first concerts in late Spring 2014.

Celia also performs traditional Scottish songs from a vast repertory, either alone or with one person accompanying her, and is available for festivals, wedding and funeral events, or in concert. She has performed at the Freight and Salvage with The Black Brothers, Holdstock and MacLeod, and a benefit concert for the late Chris Caswell. She has also performed at the San Francisco Free Folk Festival and the San Francisco Sea Music Festival


Celia Ramsay's CD, I'll Just Lie About It casts Celia in the role of jazz chanteuse. The original songs are sad, funny, bawdy, and uniquely from the point of view of (oh, gawd--must it be put this way?) a woman of a certain age! Love songs are not only the purview of the young, because we all know that little in our sense of optimism--or our ability to be hurt--changes as life carries you along. In addition to Celia's new songs, the CD also includes some wonderful jazz standards from the 1940s, and all the songs are supported by a fine group of musicians.

Celia's very fine first CD accomplishment is called Songs of My Father's People, and it features traditional Scottish songs, many of them in the traditional, unaccompanied style. These songs are timeless in their pain, joy, dismay, or humor.  They are not merely the songs of Celia's Scottish ancestors; they are the voices of the universal human condition.

Celia is working on a new recording project with Irish songcatcher, Shay Black. It includes some truly luminous musicians: John Doyle, Liz Carroll, Michael Black, Roisin O, David Brewer, Rebecca Lomnicky, Charlie Hancock, David Morris, and Derek Bianchi. The expected release date for this album is Fall 2014.


Celia has worked as a studio musician, recording for Holdstock and MacLeod, Patrice Haan, Dave Nachmanoff.

Celia and her husband, Kent Rasmussen, are owners of Kent Rasmussen Winery, Ramsay and Esoterica wines; you can visit the winery web site at