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February 11, Saturday: Fortunate Strangers at Brewery Arts Center in Carson City, NV; more information, soon!

March 4, Saturday: Libby McLaren and Celia Ramsay Harmony Workshop in Berkeley from 2:00 - 5:00pm. SOLD OUT!

April 8, Saturday: Libby McLaren and Robin Flower perform at the Freight and Salvage, 8:00pm (Celia will perform backup vocals)

April 15, Saturday: Fortunate Strangers at The Monkey House Theater from 7:30 - 10:00pm



February 25, Saturday; Sebastopol Contra Dance, 8:00 - 10:30pm

March 11, Saturday; Ukiah Contra Dance, 7:30 - 10:30pm

March 19, Sunday; San Jose Contra Dance,  2:30 - 5:30pm

March 25, Saturday; Sebastopol Family Dance 5:00 - 6:30pm

March 26, Sunday; Hayward Contra Dance, 4:00 - 7:00pm

May 13, Saturday; San Rafael Contra Dance, 8:00 - 11:00pm


Carson City Coming Up!

Kathy, Joe, and I will take Fortunate Strangers to the Brewery Arts Center in Carson City, NV on Saturday, February 11 at 7:30pm - and I hope you'll come! There'll be opportunities to join us singing, and we promise to provide plenty of songs about love in all its various permutations! Find out how one clever maid avoids a pirate's unwanted attentions, or hear about the lad who kisses his lass through a window - and encounters some unexpected difficulties. With songs of love lost and love found, this show is perfect for sharing with your Valentine! 


I'm at it again - back in the studio with a new recording project. I don't have a name for it yet, but this time it will be ALL original songs. While many of my songs have been jazzy, others are not easily classified, so expect an eclectic mix of styles and instrumentation. With so many talented music buddies, I hope the result will be sort of a musical variety show. Also, you may remember that I've been taking piano lessons for the last four years, so I'm trying to lay down a couple of my own piano tracks. It's kind of scary for all manner of reasons, the biggest of which is our old friend, Self Doubt: is it good enough? Well, I'm taking a deep breath and hoping I play well enough to include it on the album. Above is a little video clip I made of my most recent studio date. I have lots of work ahead, but it's work I love to do. It'll probably take at least a year to finish, so stay tuned for updates! 


Speaking of work I love to do, I'm delighted to report that the March 4 Harmony Singing Workshop sold out very quickly, which I take as a sign that everyone wants to sing more! Libby McLaren and I will look for opportunities to offer the workshop again, soon, but be sure to check my report of how it went in the March newsletter, so you can decide if the next one might be for you! And folks that bought their copy of Carmony are reporting back that they love it! You can find ordering information below. 


It feels like a resurgence! Family dances are coming back, and I couldn't be happier. Kudos to Sola Grantham for organizing a wonderful family dance in Belmont on January 29, where I called for preschool­age children and their parents with 80 pairs of feet in attendance. Craig Johnson, Paul Kostka and Clara Stefanov­Wagner was our band du jour and we even sat down and sang a song ­ as you can see in the picture. I felt it went VERY well and it was fun for everyone. I'll be doing an annual school dance at Sunridge School in Sebastopol with Jon Berger and Charlie Hancock playing in early March ­ that's a private event, but it will be my third year calling for them. There will also be a family dance in Sebastopol on Saturday, March 25 from 5 ­ 6:30pm at Wischemann Hall for kids of all ages.

I'm so happy that these dance opportunities exist for young children. They learn coordination and patterns, healthy social behavior, self­confidence, and the sheer joy of movement. It's my favorite way of having fun! 


Upcoming Harmony Workshop

How do teachers learn to teach? Just because you do a thing well, doesn't strictly mean you can teach it. To teach anything, you must understand your students. What do they already know? What DON'T they know? What might get in their way and how do you present new ideas in a way that will make sense to the greatest number of people? And what must a student know at a minimum that will allow them to connect the landmarks (or fill in the spaces between them) that we can offer in the limited time a workshop provides?

Libby McLaren and I have spent a lot of time thinking about answers to these questions, and we think we found some good ways to teach harmony singing - even if you're new to it. We can show you how to find your vocal range, offer tips for practice and tricks for orienting your ear to the strange experience of singing different parts simultaneously with other people. There are two of us, so we can really demonstrate the things you'll want to learn. For us, that's exciting - having a knowledgeable teaching-partner means one of us isn't relying on a piano to model the harmony. For singers, it offers the benefit of two lifetimes worth of experience in one workshop. If your New Year's resolution is to sing harmoniously, Libby and I will be a teaching small group of 10 - 12 people on Saturday, March 4, from 2 - 5:00pm, at my home studio in North Berkeley. $50 covers the three-hour workshop and any materials we hand out. Space is limited, so save the date, and send me an email to hold you a space. I'll confirm you're in and supply instructions on where to go and how to pay.


Kathy, Joe, and I will take Fortunate Strangers to the Brewery Arts Center in Carson City, NV on Saturday, February 11 at 7:30pm. You can be sure that we'll include some opportunities to join the singing, and we promise to provide plenty of songs about love in all its various permutations (and there are many!) Find out how one clever maid avoids a pirate's unwanted attentions, or hear about the lad who kisses his lass through a window - and encounters some unexpected difficulties. With songs of love lost and love found, this show is perfect for sharing with your Valentine!



Carmony - Get it in Time for Christmas!

Well, I'm excited and so is Libby! Carmony is being replicated as we speak and we should have copies in hand to send to you in the second or third week in December! If you want it for Christmas, I will put them in the envelopes and send them to you personally - let me know by December 15 by email.

The three-CD set of lessons will cost $45. And just to recap, this three-level series of lessons teaches harmony singing AND is a tool for practicing it - kind of your own practice buddy! Level One features simple rounds and songs, separating the voices so you can learn both parts. Level Two builds on this with more complicated songs. Level Three gives you the guidance you need to create your own harmonies, including some simple aspects of theory.

How will you be able to get yours, you ask? Well, you can wait till we have it - or preorder. Then you have three choices:

1. Use any credit card to buy the CD directly from my store,
2. Pay via PayPal using as my account name, or
3. Simply mail me a check to my address: 1325 Arch Street, Berkeley, CA 94708.

Libby and I are also planning to do a harmony workshop! We'll let you know when that will be - probably in March here at my home studio in Berkeley. More on that when we get closer, but if you know you're interested, let me know and I'll start a list - with YOUR name on it!

...two years before the story, the Ramsay kids!As I write this, the words "like kids waiting for Christmas" sent me back to Christmas Eve when I was in fifth grade. My sister, Lauren, was telling me with great angst, that our brother, Graham, was questioning the existence of Santa Claus. We were really bothered by that, so we contrived a frantic spur-of-the-moment plan. I went outside into the dark, just outside of the window of our shared bedroom, where she had lured him on the pretense of a shared candy cane. I peeked into the window and could just hear their conversation, and he was indeed asking her if Santa was real, so I took my cue and began ringing jingle bells, trying ever so hard to make them sound like sleigh bells. Lauren in hushed voice said, "Listen! What is that?" (ching, ching, ching, ching) "It's Santa!" she crowed, and Graham's eyes got big, and he ran to the window. I had to duck to avoid being seen, but it worked - he believed he was hearing Santa's sleigh! Our conniving saved Santa for one more year.

Years later, when our own kids were beginning to doubt, I remember Kent telling them, "As long as you believe in him, Santa will come!" They're in their 20's, now, but they very wisely still "believe"!

Kathy, Joe and I are looking forward to February 11, 2017 when we get to perform at the Brewery Arts Center in Carson City. Mark your calendars for a 7:00pm show. It'll be so close to Valentine's Day, we'll have to sing some love songs.

Think stocking stuffers! Look, you have THREE choices! They cost $15 each, and to buy, follow this link to my new Square store. Want downloads? I can handle that by sending you download cards if you want to gift a friend. For delivery in time for the holiday, you need to order before December 15. 


Working on Carmony Cover Art

We're in the home stretch for our production of Carmony: Learn to Sing Harmony While You Drive, and all our energy is directed at completing a package with three CDs in it. Back in 2014, I'd written about producing the Singer's Request CD, and the various steps for recording in the studio. For Carmony, those are done and the next step is often shorter, but no less convoluted. Libby McLaren and I just finished up a photo shoot and we've been collecting little images along the way to use on the cover for the album. One real boon was realizing that my across-the-street neighbor, David Feinberg, has a really cool little Alfa Romeo, and he was willing to let us pose for our cover photo in it! I don't think I'd ever want to own one, but that little car makes us look pretty darn good - we think you'll agree when you see it. As we tried different poses for the camera, we had to contort ourselves a bit. I do a fair bit of yoga, but I've never practiced the "tiny car pose" before! 

We've sent the text for editing to my pal, Dana Dubinsky, and all the necessary art to my favorite graphic designer, Kim Hughes. Also along the way, we needed to copyright our work, so we sent a copy of our materials to the Library of Congress. Some days I feel like I'm playing at being an adult, and sending mail to the LOC feels exceptionally grown up and official. And here's something funny: I hadn't gotten confirmation that the materials had been received, so I sent an email query. I got this reply: "Please allow 8 - 10 weeks to verify receipt of mailed items; we receive over 10K pieces of mail on a daily basis. -cfk, LOC. " So I replied, "Dear cfk: You mean I'm not a special snowflake? Thanks for your help, and I'll be more patient. -Celia" To which I got the reply, "You're very welcome and thanks for your patience. And of course, you're always our special snowflake!"
I just got word that my class was popular enough that I'll be teaching Get Your Voice Out of the Closet again. This time we'll be in the back room of the Dance Hall (fewer mosquitoes) at Lark Camp from July 28 - August 5, 2017. Just in case you're ready to commit to a whole week of music and dance delight, registration is open! 
 September and October were pure fun for gigs. On September 25, Fortunate Strangers got to perform at Sharon and Jaya Carl's Auburn House Concert series, where we had a lovely audience and a really good time, including some audience sing-along. If you live in the Auburn area, you'll want to get on their mailing list. (Archie Fisher is going to be there in November!) 
The following Saturday, I got to join the song circle leaders at the KVMR Celtic Festival, and we had many folks join us to share songs. This song circle is a lovely idea and I've never seen another festival host a public one, before. Later that night, I called a dance in Nevada City that was a huge blast with the band Hot Cider, and the next morning, my roadie Kent, and I drove to Reno to join Fortunate Strangers at the Reno Celtic Festival. We were treated to a great sound guy and we finished performing just as the wind kicked up to blow in a storm over the Sierras. 
Fortunate Strangers is finding its legs; we are developing our own, unique sound, and I love working with Kathy and Joe Bly!


Yikes! This month's newsletter almost got past me, for all sorts of busy reasons, all of them good! What I want you to think about first, is coming to Fortunate Strangers' Auburn House Concert show this coming weekend, Sunday, September 25. It's time to contact our wonderful hosts, Sharon and Jaya Carl (either by email or by calling 530-­885­-4292) to reserve your seats! Please join us for an intimate concert where you'll be so close you can hear us breathe, ask us questions and sing along with us! Because it's a school night, the show will be at 7:00pm, and the suggested donation is $20. We'll do one lusciously long set, so you can get your money's worth and still be home in time for a good sleep, refreshed and ready for work on Monday!

Next up, we also have a firm time when you can come hear us in Reno: 11:00am on Sunday, October 2, at the Reno Celtic Festival. We'll be on a big stage for that one, at the Bartley Ranch Regional Park in south Reno. There'll be other fine bands, playing, too, and the whole event looks to be a lot of fun with dancers, pipe bands, falconers, trinkets to purchase, and caber tosses and stone putting for athletic entertainment! Be sure to come up and say hello after our show! 

We still have to do the photography and graphic design for the cover, but Carmony: Learn to Sing Harmony While You Drive is in the can! We're on schedule for a late fall release! We'll keep you all updated, but if you're already on my list of folks who want copies, I'll be sure to notify you when we have it ready. If you're not already on my list, but want your own special email announcement of the arrival of Carmony, shoot me an email at IT IS REALLY WONDERFUL! And I'll have a really funny story for you in my next newsletter about cars.


Periodically, I get hired to call private dances and they are a lot of fun, so I'm just mentioning this in case you've wondered about doing that for an event of yours; I can even hire the band for you. Here, you can see me calling a dance for the Westwind Community Barn in Los Altos Hills. This photo is at the beginning, when there were only a few small children who got up to join me, but after a while their recalcitrant parents joined in. That's a funny thing, isn't it? So many people think they can't dance, but once they've tried doing a family dance or a contra dance, they are so consistently surprised at how easy and how much fun it is, they often tell me they wish they'd tried it sooner. The kids know--if you can walk, you can dance.